Muhammad Ali Lakhani

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is the most celebrated name in shipping industry. He is an outstanding sportsman and a business professional. He established his career in the shipping industry and he played international tennis championships.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai was born in a well-established family based in Dubai and he lived in the UAE, UK and the US. He used to take part in sports in his school years and he developed his keen interest in tennis. He was totally unaware of his potential and strength in tennis when he was young. But his father motivated him by recognizing his talent.

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping

His father, Mr. Tahir Lakhani is also a famous name in the shipping industry across the world. He encouraged his son, Muhammad Ali Lakhani Fund to develop his skills through a strict training process. Mr. Ali balanced both his training and school education and he worked on both his hobbies without compromising his school performance.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani represented UAE National Team and achieved great honors. From there, he gained confidence to sharpen his skills. He went to the US to join Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, Florida. He got injured and he felt hopeless for a while. But he didn’t hold back and followed his passion in tennis and finally made it to international level.

His training was interrupted due to injury but he kept his hope going. He entered the shipping industry like his father and focused his vision on making a great professional career. He completed his bachelor degree in Maritime Business & Law and focused on his education when he came back to the UK.

Mr. Ali Lakhani Dubai became prepared after graduation to give his dream wings to make a presence in the shipping industry. He kept on working for several multinational companies in London and gained immense experience. He worked for several multinational companies in the UK. Later on, he came back to the UAE and lived there over the past seven years.

Ali Lakhani Dubai

He developed his interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). He used to build and test those technologies as a hobby. He is looking forward to turning it into a real-life profession in the shipping industry. Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani Shipping is hopeful to blend his hobby in what he is doing. He aspires to provide additional service in all the ports across the UAE in the form of drone solutions. Security surveillance, drone delivery, and aerial environmental services are some of his focus areas. He is a budding sailor and he is inspired from his father’s ship recycling business. Mr. Ali Lakhani has also acquired a license as RYA Level 2 Captain.